Raptor Encounter in Orlando, Florida: A Prehistoric Adventure


Jurassic Park Comes to Life:

Nestled within Universal Orlando Resort, the Raptor Encounter provides an exhilarating experience for visitors as they come face-to-face with life-sized Velociraptors. Inspired by the Jurassic Park film franchise, this attraction brings the prehistoric world to the heart of Orlando.  Orlando, FL can be seen here. 

Immersive Theming:

The Raptor Encounter is more than a mere photo opportunity; it’s a journey into the world of paleontology. The attraction is meticulously themed to recreate the ambiance of Jurassic Park, complete with lush vegetation and sounds of the ancient world, creating an immersive and thrilling encounter. Click here to read about Universal Studios Florida: A Cinematic Playground in Orlando.

Encounter in Orlando

Realistic Animatronics:

What sets the Raptor Encounter apart is the remarkably realistic animatronics. The Velociraptors move with astonishing fluidity, their lifelike features and behaviors captivating visitors of all ages. 

Interactive Experience:

Beyond visual awe, the Raptor Encounter offers an interactive element. Guests have the chance to engage with the handlers, who guide the Raptors and ensure a safe yet thrilling encounter. It’s a unique blend of education and entertainment that adds an extra layer of excitement.

Photo Souvenirs:

For those brave enough to face the Raptors, the experience culminates in the opportunity to capture the moment with photos. These souvenirs serve as lasting mementos of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with creatures from a bygone era.


The Raptor Encounter in Orlando, Florida, seamlessly merges education and entertainment, offering visitors a chance to step back and experience the awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs. It’s a must-visit for Jurassic Park fans and adventure seekers alike.

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