Camp Jurassic: A Prehistoric Playground in Orlando, Florida

Jurassic-Themed Oasis:

Nestled within Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, Camp Jurassic is a prehistoric playground that transports visitors back in time. Inspired by the Jurassic Park franchise, this attraction offers adventurers of all ages an immersive and educational experience. Visit this link for more information.

Interactive Exploration:

Camp Jurassic invites guests to explore a lush, dinosaur-filled landscape with winding trails, caves, and hidden discoveries. The area encourages interactive exploration, allowing children and families to engage in hands-on activities, making it an ideal destination for those seeking entertainment and education. Read about Raptor Encounter in Orlando, Florida: A Prehistoric Adventure here.

Camp Jurassic

Treetop Adventure:

A highlight of Camp Jurassic is the Treetop Canopy Walk, where visitors can navigate suspension bridges and winding pathways high above the ground. This thrilling adventure provides a unique perspective of the Jurassic-themed landscape, creating excitement for daring explorers.

Amber Mines and Fossilized Discoveries:

The Amber Mines offer budding paleontologists a chance to unearth fossilized treasures. The hands-on excavation site allows guests to discover and examine replicas of ancient artifacts, fostering an educational experience that blends seamlessly with the park’s adventurous atmosphere.

Play Areas and Water Features:

Camp Jurassic also features play areas where children can climb, slide, and engage in imaginative play. Additionally, water features provide a refreshing escape, allowing visitors to cool off in the Florida sun while surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of the prehistoric world.


Camp Jurassic in Orlando, Florida, offers a perfect blend of adventure and education, making it a must-visit destination for families and dinosaur enthusiasts. 

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