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We are a group of dedicated mental health professionals and disability advocates that provides comprehensive evidenced-based psychological evaluations and employment services to children, young adults, and their families in the Central Florida area. Our mission at We Care Support Services (WCSS) is to provide support and resources that will help increase academic, emotional, and social development within the community.

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    We Care Support Services offers a variety of services and we work diligently to coordinate them to meet our consumers and families’ particular needs. We welcome direct contact with managers and supervisors because we understand the importance of prompt communication, and we strive to respond quickly to any and all calls from our consumers and families.

    We assess your child’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles through interaction and standardized assessment measures. Our experience working in public school systems has prepared us in identifying the key information needed by your child’s school or pediatrician during the decision-making process. While keeping your child’s special needs and issues in mind, we work with you to help achieve the best outcome.

    Our comprehensive evaluation uses hands-on experiences and career exploration in a variety of work areas.

    At We Care Support Services we help employees achieve successful career transitions. We offer individualized, one-to-one coaching and career transition services. Our services are action-oriented, efficient and focused on providing employees with the practical guidance and tools to help them with their career search campaigns. Additionally, we help employees gain increased self-confidence, optimism and enthusiasm for taking control of their job search to move forward.

Employment Services
Employment Services
Employment Services