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Our psychological assessments offer a deeper understanding of individuals, from child development to criminal matters and immigration cases.

IEP and 504 Advocacy For Students Special Education Consultant

We are a full-service company with expertise in special education, IEP and 504 advocacy for students with disabilities in the State of Florida.

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We Care Support Services empowers individuals with disabilities through personalized advocacy, ensuring equal rights and opportunities. Committed to fostering an equitable society, we positively impact the lives of people with disabilities.
Employment Services
Employment Services
Employment Services

What We DoProvide Psychological And Employment Services for every Individual
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We Care Support
We Care Support
Psychological Testing and Assessment

We assess your child’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles through interaction and standardized assessment measures.

Competency Evaluations

For families and care providers, it’s important to know whether or not patients are mentally capable of making their own decisions, especially those involving health or finances.

Forensic Evaluations

We conduct forensic psychological/psychiatric evaluations for criminal matters including evaluations of criminal responsibility (insanity defense evaluations), competence to stand trial, pre-disposition evaluations, sex offender evaluations, and juvenile evaluations.

Immigration Evaluations

We specialize in comprehensive evaluations to help you and your attorney identify the psychological distress you or your family would experience if you were deported.

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We Care Support Services has been building the foundation, Empowering individuals and families through our compassionate and dedicated approach.

Career Counseling

Prepare for interviews
Career transitions
Job choices
Career counseling

Pre-Employment Transition

Career planning
Job exploration
Review labor market
Connect students to career

Educational Consultant

Disability advocate
IEP and 504 advocacy
Securing special education
Psycho-educational testing review

Vocational Evaluation

Cognitive evaluation
Academic evaluation
Work behavior
Work performance

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Dr. Moresa Culbreath

Over 17 Year Experience as Practicing Psychologist
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We Care Support

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Founded in 2017, We Care Support Services (WCSS) is a non-profit organization empowering individuals through comprehensive services. Our offerings include psychological assessments, vocational evaluations, employment training, and placement services.

Psychological Services

Employment Services

Neuropsychological Testing & Evaluation

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